class inspectomop.results.Results(results_proxy)

A cursor-like object with methods such as fetchone, fetchmany etc. that can be used to retrieve rows of results from query execution.

A subclass of sqlalchemy.engine.result.ResultProxy that adds additional methods for retreving query results as Pandas DataFrames.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(results_proxy) Initialize self.
as_pandas() Return all rows from a results object as a pandas DataFrame
as_pandas_chunks(chunksize) Yields a pandas DataFrame with n_rows = chunksize
close() Close this ResultProxy.
fetchall() Fetch all rows, just like DB-API cursor.fetchall().
fetchmany([size]) Fetch many rows, just like DB-API cursor.fetchmany(size=cursor.arraysize).
fetchone() Fetch one row, just like DB-API cursor.fetchone().
first() Fetch the first row and then close the result set unconditionally.
keys() Return the list of string keys that would represented by each RowProxy.
last_inserted_params() Return the collection of inserted parameters from this execution.
last_updated_params() Return the collection of updated parameters from this execution.
lastrow_has_defaults() Return lastrow_has_defaults() from the underlying ExecutionContext.
next() Implement the Python next() protocol.
postfetch_cols() Return postfetch_cols() from the underlying ExecutionContext.
prefetch_cols() Return prefetch_cols() from the underlying ExecutionContext.
scalar() Fetch the first column of the first row, and close the result set.
supports_sane_multi_rowcount() Return supports_sane_multi_rowcount from the dialect.
supports_sane_rowcount() Return supports_sane_rowcount from the dialect.


inserted_primary_key Return the primary key for the row just inserted.
is_insert True if this _engine.ResultProxy is the result of a executing an expression language compiled _expression.insert() construct.
lastrowid return the ‘lastrowid’ accessor on the DBAPI cursor.
returned_defaults Return the values of default columns that were fetched using the ValuesBase.return_defaults() feature.
returns_rows True if this _engine.ResultProxy returns rows.
rowcount Return the ‘rowcount’ for this result.